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Importance of Planned Maintenance : Proactive Predictive Preventative


When it comes to your facilities mechanical equipment a proactive maintenance strategy is essential towards extending the life of your investment, maximizing your ROI and preventing costly repairs.


The overall benefits of planned maintenance include:

      • Extended equipment operating life
      • Deferred capital replacement costs
      • Improved operating efficiency
      • Reduced energy use / energy savings
      • Early identification of potential problems
      • Fewer emergency service repairs
      • Less frequent system downtime
      • Decreased interruptions to building operations
      • Increased comfort / reduced occupant complaints
      • Enhanced safety / mitigated risks

Maximizing the reliability, performance and efficiency of HVAC equipment requires recurring planned maintenance services performed by qualified professional technicians. Evidence of future component failure can often be observed during inspection, allowing the system to be serviced before failure occurs.



An additional benefit of a planned maintenance program includes protecting your building occupants from unnecessary exposure to Indoor Air Quality issues and can help shield your company from potential litigation.


Standard Plumbing & Heating’s planned maintenance services, including air-cooled condenser cleaning, water strainer cleaning, belt replacement and air filter replacement, improve both the efficiency and performance of your mechanical systems.



We have estimated that over 40% of the emergency calls we fulfill for new clients could have been prevented with proper maintenance.  In many cases these emergency situations arising from a purely reactive approach to equipment maintenance resulted in temporary shutdowns causing productivity to slow or even halt.


Just as you would schedule regular maintenance for your vehicles in order to keep them operating as reliably and efficiently as possible it is imperative for companies to take a similar approach towards maintaining all of their mechanical assets.


TechPipesEvery planned maintenance agreement here at Standard Plumbing & Heating begins with a thorough analysis of each facility to evaluate the equipment accessibility and current condition.  From there our expert technicians design a mechanical services maintenance program optimized for your company’s specific needs.


Companies that have implemented comprehensive, planned and predictive maintenance programs with Standard Plumbing & Heating find that their total costs can be as much as 50% lower than the costs for those organizations that continue to maintain equipment reactively.


Our ultimate goal is to help you realize the greatest ROI possible from your substantial investment, utilizing best practices of both preventative and predictive maintenance. 


Contact us to discuss your planned maintenance strategy today.





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