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4 Issues That Warrant an Emergency Call to a Mechanical Contractor

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While water all over the floor or a pile of rubble can be an obvious sign of an emergency, there are times when serious problems can be less than obvious. Here is a short list of mechanical issues that should always prompt an immediate call to an expert.

1. A Backflow Preventer Past it’s Inspection Date

Not only is an annual inspection of your backflow preventer required by law, it is a vital piece of plumbing hardware that can have disastrous consequences if it were to fail. Ensuring that your backflow preventer has passed inspection by a certified inspector within the last 12 months is a safeguard against water contamination for not only your building but all of the buildings in your vicinity as well.

If you notice that it has been more than 12 months since your last inspection or you have recently replaced, repaired, or relocated the system. Acting quickly to get a certified technician on the site as quickly as possible will not only help you to avoid a citation and possible fine but also to avoid any potentially serious problems.

2. Your Eyewash Station Mixing Valve Shows a Temperature that Is Out of Range

Because it might be needed at a moment's notice, it is absolutely imperative that the temperature of your emergency eyewash station is always within a range that is safe for immediate contact with the human eye. The temperature should be tepid, or between 60° and 100° F. (Typically, they will be set at 85°.)

If you notice that your eyewash station is outside of or near either edge of this specific range, you should make an immediate call to have the system checked and corrected if needed.

3. A Faulty Heating Element in You Water Heater

Most electric water heaters utilize two eating elements in order to heat your water. Although your unit might not seem to be showing any signs of an obvious problem like a leak, if your hot water runs out quickly, it is likely to be a problem with one or both of your heating elements.

Though it is possible to replace these parts yourself, there is a high risk of doing irreparable damage to your water heater in the process if it is not done correctly. Rather than an expensive replacement, you are better off calling an expert right away to swiftly and quickly resolve the issue and get you back into hot water.

4. You Are Using an Unusual Amount of Gas For No Apparent Reason

Although a gas leak can usually be smelled and detected quickly, there are other issues that can cause this precious and expensive resource to be squandered unnecessarily. If you are burning through an inordinate amount of gas but cannot detect any signs of a leak, you should still make a call to an expert to get to the bottom of the issue promptly.

When in Doubt, Call for Help

All in all, when you encounter an unusual or unfamiliar mechanical problem, you are better off calling an expert right away and getting to the bottom of it. Either you will learn something new about an innocuous situation, or you just might head off a disaster of one kind or another.

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